Our diverse, highly skilled teams help our clients face the challenges associated with fast moving projects in remote locations and provide them with the flexibility needed to improve safety and reliability over the life cycle of their energy infrastructure.

Bringing an in depth understanding of the entire supply chain from shareholder to sub contractor. DAWN offers it customer extensive expertise in on time delivery of quality assets in a manner that we can all be proud of.


  • Project Management

  • Contract Management

  • Materials and Stores Management


  • Construction Supervision

  • Electricians

  • Trade Assistants

  • Testing and Commissioning Personnel



Dawn Energy Solutions sets a higher acceptable standard of working based on respect, continuous learning and meaningful contribution.

We encourage healthy work attitudes and behaviours relative to health, safety, equality and diversity on the job and throughout the community.

Our Safe Smart Sensitive™ approach is nurtured by unwavering commitment from our leaders to lead by example and ensure all fellow employees do the same.

Dawn leaders encourage all team members to actively participate in
communicating anything that will improve the quality of
their work lives, to ensure they are comfortable and safe
at all times.


DAWN’s highest priority is that all our people return home safe and healthy to their families after each work day. We do this by facilitating a physically and emotionally safe environment for our people to work in, encouraging and educating our staff on positive work attitudes and behaviours relative to health, safety, equality and diversity on the job and in the community.


Recruiting multi-disciplinary and diverse teams to establish core competence in electro-technology and investing in people to grow a collective competence in innovation electrical solutions, looking beyond our own organisation to identify best practice. We empower everyone within our business, to breakdown conventional norms, to bring forward new ideas, to inspire those around them and achieve a positive change.


We have the privilege of working in diverse landscapes and communities all over Australia and take seriously preservation of the environment and community values.
We seek through best practice both individual and in conjunction with our customers and stakeholder to
identify ways in which we can benefit the community in which we work.